College Football Playoff

The new College Football Playoff system has gotten plenty of media coverage over the past few years leading up to it.  In the past, the top 2 teams would play for the BCS National Championship whereas this year there will be 4 teams playing in a semi-final format to decide the champion. After watching the first… Read More »


One week, two sweeps and two four-game series into the MLB Postseason and we ready to advance to the League Championship Series.  While the National League’s looks close to what we expected, the American offers some new characters to the reality show that is postseason baseball.  Fresh off of 3-game sweeps, the Baltimore Orioles will… Read More »

Must Be October

For most parts of the US, there is a tangible difference between September to October in terms of weather, activities and so on.  However, baseball fans would argue it always heats up in October.  Only three days into Major League Baseball’s postseason and we have already seen some magic.

Seattle Seahawks Throttle Denver Broncos 43-8 In Super Bowl XLVIII

On the very first snap of Super Bowl XLVIII, Denver’s snap sailed over the head of quarterback Peyton Manning, landing in the Broncos own end zone where Knowshon Moreno fell on it, yielding a safety. DR2BDJ36YMU3 Little did Manning and Co. know that the night was only going to go down hill from there. It… Read More »

American Olympic Athletes To Watch In Sochi

The Winter Olympic Games are a refreshing break from the monotony of your average mainstream sports. Every four years, we get to see athletes from all over the world achieving unfathomable feats on the snow and ice. This year’s games in Sochi, Russia are only about a week away. Let’s pick through the United States’… Read More »

Maddux, Glavine And Thomas To Be Inducted Into Baseball Hall of Fame

A few weeks ago, three more Major League Baseball players were selected to enter into the hallowed ranks of the Hall of Fame, and the results likely didn’t surprise a whole lot of people. Pitching greats Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine made the cut this year and are headed to Cooperstown, accompanied by big-named slugger Frank Thomas. Craig Biggio was close behind along with Mike Piazza.