2010 Stanley Cup Finals Draws Huge Interest

By | June 2, 2010

The 2010 Stanley Cup Finals began on Saturday night in a rather sloppy and uncharacteristic fashion. After Game 1, interest in the finals seems to be prevalent. Game 1 drew the highest television rating for a finals opener in 11 years.

The heightened level of attention could make the demand for Stanley Cup memorabilia as high as ever.

The Philadelphia Flyers are a team that continues to surprise everyone. Tied for the worst regular season record of any playoff team, they have been able to continue a shocking playoff run. Flyers autographs will be a great way to commemorate this improbable team.

But the Chicago Blackhawks are not nearly as surprising of a name atop the 2010 NHL elite. They finished the regular season with the third best record in hockey, the best attendance in the sport and are led by explosive young right winger Patrick Kane. Blackhawks autographs have been in popular demand all season as the team has been consistently stellar.

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