Biggest Upcoming Free Agents In The NBA

By | May 30, 2013
Could Manu Ginobili be wearing a different jersey next year? (PHOTO:

Could Manu Ginobili be wearing a different jersey next year? (PHOTO:

The NBA playoffs are still raging on, but let’s be honest — you’re probably losing a little bit of interest. After all, it looks like the Miami Heat will be able to hold off the well-rounded Indiana Pacers while the perennial powerhouse San Antonio Spurs wait for their opponent in the NBA Championship.

Therefore, it is never too early to look ahead to next season. Few things will impact next year more than the bevy of talented free agents that will hit the market. Depending on where these stars land, it could ultimately shift the balance of power in the NBA, which might be a welcomed change.

Here are some of the hottest players teams will be gunning for during the offseason.


Despite what we all witnessed this year, Dwight Howard is technically one of the best big men in the game of basketball. He showed it during his time in Orlando, but never really meshed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Howard is a huge presence inside, and can impose his will on just about anyone. However, he showed that he is not a perfect fit for every team. He comes with a big price tag, but teams could really get a great return on their investment.


Remember this guy? Yea, he was supposed to be at Dwight Howard’s level until he was sidelined for the entire year due to injury. Coincidentally, he was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers as apart of the deal for Howard, but Bynum never saw the floor.

As of right now, he is a huge question mark, and essentially a pretty big gamble. The young guy showed a ton of potential when he was with the Lakers, but having him out of action for the entire year could make some teams wonder if he can get back to form.


Keeping with the theme of big men, David West has proved his worth with some stellar play for the Indiana Pacers during the playoffs. While the Pacers really do not boast one star player, West is certainly a key cog in what they do.

West is one of the most physical players in the game, and the only thing that might hurt his stock is that he is getting up there in age at 32 years old. Still, he doesn’t play like an aging big man.


It might be tough to fathom this guy suiting up for any other team than the San Antonio Spurs. We might not see that happen, either, as few teams likely have much need for a 35-year-old shooting guard — no matter how much of a sharpshooter he is. Ginobili is not durable and needs to sit out his share of games.

However, if a team wants to make a serious push for a title next year, Ginobili might be the short-term solution that could help.


The reigning Sixth Man of the Year Award winner can opt out of his contract and pursue more money. He showed this year that he might be worth it…at least, until the playoffs hit.

The shooting guard pairs strong defense with the ability to score. He’s just a little streaky.

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