Bummed Out – 2014 World Series

By | October 30, 2014

We love baseball because you will see a play or a situation you have never seen every single game you watch. Game 7 proved that once again. You could write multiple novels on everything we have witnessed in the past month of October baseball. Some would be heartbreaking tales, some triumph and another a tale of excellence. Madison Bumgarner could play many roles in this story – the villian, the savior, the machine. Bumgarner cemented his legacy with three appearances that will never be duplicated. Out after out, he picked apart a pesky Royals bunch.

Game 7 lived up to its billing. Often described as the best night in sports because every pitch, every swing can change the fate of a city. There is no tomorrow and managers will use every ounce of energy these ballplayers have left. The Royals miraculous run through October ended last night – 90 feet away from tying the game. You knew they would not go quietly with the resilience they showed all October. The Royals gave not only Kansas City a month to remember but an entire nation seemed to be pulling for the underdogs. Of course a World Series would have been the perfect storybook ending but it was not in the cards this time.


Although the build up of the World Series was not as big as years pasts, this Fall Classic delivered wonderfully. These teams battled to seven games which happens about once a decade. And we got to see history with Bumgarner’s numbers. Writers predicted it to be the “Worst World Series of All-Time” but it was far from that. It was a well played, well managed and fun series all around. The only problem with the series is that they are done playing. Couldn’t we get a Best of 9 going for a series this close? Another great postseason in the books, congrats to the San Francisco Giants!

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