College Football Playoff

By | October 15, 2014

The new College Football Playoff system has gotten plenty of media coverage over the past few years leading up to it.  In the past, the top 2 teams would play for the BCS National Championship whereas this year there will be 4 teams playing in a semi-final format to decide the champion. After watching the first half of the season, we (fans) can already see the advantages. Perennial powerhouses Alabama, Auburn, Oregon, Oklahoma, Georgia have all lost one game this season.

In the past, this almost guaranteed an absence from the title game.  Despite the loss, the school, fans and players still have the most important thing for sports – hope.  Games become more exciting, people continue to flock to the stadium knowing that there team has a shot to get in the playoff.  Hope sells tickets, hope gets the best possible product on the field even with a loss.  Not saying that when a team lost a game in the past, they would completely shut down for the season but there is a natural deflation of a fan base when title aspiration vanish within a few weeks.

The playoff is great for the sport, the players and the fans.  You can honestly make a case that 15-20 teams are still in the hunt to play in the 4-team playoff and that’s something we would have said last season.  It would have already been narrowed down to 5 or so.  The second half of the NCAA Football season will provide more clarity on who will play for the title in January, but for now, let’s just enjoy the ride.



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