Collegiate Fan Gear And Memorabilia In Demand With Conference Changes

By | June 20, 2010

For now, it doesn’t seem that the landscape of college athletics will be changing as much as one might have thought about one week ago.

The giant reaction, sparked by the Pac-10’s attempt to eat away at the Big 12, showed just how popular college athletics are in the United States. When college news in June creates headlines, it is no mystery why collegiate memorabilia and NCAA collectibles are such desired items.

The only major changes to come out of the shift are Nebraska going to the Big 10 and the Pac-10 claiming Colorado. However, there still seems to be an uneasy tension between a number of schools and their resident conference.

Collegiate fan gear will continue to sell well as fans gear up for some slight changes in environment during the 2011-2012 sporting year.

Meanwhile, Nebraska could immediately become a contender in the new Big 10 while the Pac-10 will surely be disappointed with its failure to draw any of the mega schools that it was shooting for.

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