Essential Tips For Buying & Collecting Memorabilia And Autographs

By | September 29, 2016
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Buying & Collecting Memorabilia And Autographs

When Buying Sports Memorabilia & Autographs Use These Great Tips

Buying autographed sports memorabilia is a great way to add to your current collection or to aid in starting one. Since there’s a rather good chance that your local area doesn’t have a very large selection of autographs, or you may be looking for an autograph from someone from another city or region, your best bet may be making a purchase online. While that is fine and dandy, here at ItsAlreadySigned4U we want to make sure that you’re getting the best signed memorabilia possible. Since we hate to see people get ripped off, here’s what you should always look for in a company before making that online purchase.

Find Well Recommended Autograph Sources

The nice thing about buying autographs is that you don’t have to wait in line, sit in crowds and waste half the day trying to obtain an autograph and in some cases even come up empty handed. Instead, these professional sources do the dirty work for you. One problem with buying autographs is that there are a lot of fraudsters out there. In order to avoid these scammers, know what to look out for. A legitimate piece of sports memorabilia will usually have some sort of tamper-proof hologram applied to it somewhere or a hologram on the item and a Certificate of Authenticity that contains the same hologram. These holograms on the COA will usually have a serial number that matches up with the hologram’s serial number that is on the item. That way, that exact Certificate of Authenticity stays with that exact item forever denoting it’s authenticity. There are other authenticity processes such as database confirmations of the serial number via the authenticator’s website. This is used by some autograph sources but by no means all. The lesson here is to make sure that you’re dealing with vendors that you can trust and will provide this form of documentation or similar with the item. ItsAlreadySigned4U never ever will offer for sale a piece of memorabilia that isn’t properly authenticated.

What To Look For In A Company That Provides Autographs

Say you wanted an autographed Michael Jordan basketball jersey. You start the search online and land on this awesome storefront that has one of the best deals around. At first you’re a little hesitant about it, but you really want pull the trigger. While it’s best to trust your gut, it’s also important to research the company online. View the company history on their web site; inquire how they acquire autographs and any other questions related to the company and their offerings. How long has the company been in business? Do they seem knowledgeable? Do they have detailed professional pictures of the item you’re interested in as well as the other items on their website?

Know The Style Of The Person’s Autograph You Are Seeking

If you’re looking for an Albert Pujols autographed baseball for instance, it’s important to know that particular player’s signature style. While their signature can change over time, you might want to try to compare the signature to an official one online. Many times there are photos of the player having signed something at an awards banquet or something for a charity. A certified expert can also help you if you’re having a hard time. Even though the seller can claim it came from a particular player, it doesn’t mean that player signed it. For instance, some players have auto-pen signatures that are done by a machine and some even have their agents or personal assistants sign for them. ItsAlreadySigned4U believes if you have to ask the seller some questions, don’t hesitate and do so before purchase.

Focus On Higher Quality For Investment Purposes

If the price is too good to be true, it’s probably just best to walk away. There is a common range of values for a certain person’s autograph. If the price is far below or quite a bit higher than others you see available, then that is the time to do more research. No matter what your motives are, try to focus on something that will look awesome for your collection and work within your budget. If you’re the type that is buying and holding these autographs for investment purposes, it’s best to try to purchase sports memorabilia autographed by someone who is likely to have their value and demand go up over time. Aside from the high quality factor, also note that you’ll want to make sure that you’re purchasing signed memorabilia that someone else would want. For instance, would you want a picture that was signed in a dark area with a dark pen? An item like that provided by an uneducated source would not be in demand because of the flawed presentation of the signature.

As one of the largest online stores offering authenticated autographed sports memorabilia on the internet today, encourages you to do your homework before making a purchase. Since we not only meet all of the criteria mentioned above, let us be your ultimate source for all of your memorabilia needs as we stand by every product we sell with integrity.

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