Is It Too Early For Super Bowl XLV Predictions?

By | August 25, 2010

It’s almost time for meaningful professional football in America and that means that it is also a time of obsessive previews and abundant Super Bowl predictions.

In my latest attempt to become a follower, I come with some of my own. The National Football League is one of the sporting world’s greatest examples of parody. Predictions are often made off of the year before but are typically outdated rather quickly once the regular season begins. I expect this season to be no different.

This may be one of the most anticipated NFL seasons in recent memory due to its surplus of intriguing storylines and questions. Will the Jets back-up their intense swagger depicted on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” and become the kings of New York? Will the Bengals be able to keep all of their troubled star players happy and out of trouble? Can Brett Favre and the Vikings take that next step? Can the New Orleans Saints repeat as Super Bowl Champions?

I’m a firm believer that two of these teams involved in these questions are two of the most talented teams in the league and are bound to meet in Super Bowl XLV at Cowboys Stadium. Those two teams are the Cincinnati Bengals and the New Orleans Saints. It would surely be a profitable Super Bowl for memorabilia distributors as both teams have the star power to make Super Bowl memorabilia and Super Bowl autographs incredibly valuable.

These two teams also simply seem like logical choices although I do expect them to run across arduous competition in their respective conferences. This especially applies to the Saints, who I feel will be heavily battled by a rising San Francisco 49ers team that may only be a year or two away from a Super Bowl of its own.

In Minnesota, it seems that the Vikings gave it their best shot in last season’s shortfall and the recent loss of star receiver Sidney Rice will certainly not help matters. As far as the Bengals, their toughest opponent may come from inside their own locker room where it will be difficult for so many high-profile players with checkered pasts to unite under a single cause. However, if they can, they will be one of the most dangerous teams in the NFL. But not quite dangerous enough to take the league crown.

I see the New Orleans Saints winning Super Bowl XLV and keeping the Vince Lombardi Trophy for one more season until passing it off to one of the NFC’s young, budding teams.

2 thoughts on “Is It Too Early For Super Bowl XLV Predictions?

  1. Dan

    Is it still too early to make a Super Bowl prediction? I’m guessing the Packers vs. Steelers.

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