Justin Rose Wins U.S. Open And More Highlights From The Links

By | June 17, 2013
Justin Rose captures his first major victory at the U.S. Open on Sunday (PHOTO: The Australian)

Justin Rose captures his first major victory at the U.S. Open on Sunday (PHOTO: The Australian)

The 32-year-old English golfer Justin Rose picked a convenient time to card a superb round of golf. On Sunday at Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Penn., Rose sank five birdies in the round to finish the day even with par.

The round capped a strong few days at the course, leading to Rose’s U.S. Open Championship title, which was the first major victory of his career.

Rose exhibited strong iron play throughout the entire tournament and punctuated it with an absolutely spectacular shot on the final hole. With just a one-shot lead over Phil Mickelson in hand, Rose went to his 4-iron to launch his ball to the green.

The No. 18 hole had been especially stubborn for golfers throughout the tournament, and Rose was able to two-putt once on the green to preserve par and the victory.

He finished two strokes up on second-place Jason Day and Mickelson.

Rose might not have been a frontrunner, but he is certainly no stranger to the thick of competition. He has five PGA tour victories under his belt and has earned victories in six tournaments on the European Tour, as well.

In 2007, Rose landed in fifth at the Masters and he tied for third at the PGA Championship just last year.

There isn’t a whole lot of mystery though; this is the marquee victory that Rose was looking for. It is also the kind that the more obscure names in golf use to build momentum and become more of a force in the game

Tiger Woods struggles mightily

Woods had been hitting his stride up until now. Heck, some thought that this might be the best season of his career.

It still can be, however, his hopes for a 15th major victory were put on hold as the veteran limped through play at Merion. For Woods, this was his worst outing at the U.S. Open to date. He finished at 13-over. Before this year, his worse U.S. Open score was not far behind at 12-over.

Struggling to take command of his putter, Woods stockpiled 21 bogies throughout the tournament.

Like Woods, some guys have gone years without winning a major and still manage to escape the intense scrutiny that has fallen on Woods. Now on a five-year drought, Woods is one of the frontrunners at the British Open, which is slated to take place in about a month.

Phil Mickelson left out once again

Is this a cruel joke for Phil Mickelson, or what? While Lefty has yet to win a U.S. Open, this year marked a staggering sixth time he has landed in second place. Rose was able to hold him off despite Mickelson’s strong play throughout the tournament.

While it might be particularly frustrating to be so close to a victory and not achieve it, fans do have to give props to Mickelson. The U.S. Open is clearly a favorable tournament for him. While he may not have won one, he does know what to do in order to stay at the front of the pack and give the winners a run for their money.

That’s good for a moral victory, right?

Shawn Stefani nails an ace

The 31-year-old golfer sank a hole-in-one on No. 17, which serves as the first ever at the U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club.

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