Lance Armstrong And Tour de France Still Sound Nice Together

By | June 27, 2010

July 3 is quickly approaching and that means that the Tour de France is almost here.

In the United States, the question that generally comes with the Tour de France is “What are Lance Armstrong’s chances?”

While Lance Armstrong may not be the automatic favorite that he once was, he is still a viable contender. After last year’s third place finish and 7 wins in the Tour de France, a Lance Armstrong autograph is still an extremely valuable possession.

Along with other stars such as Mark Cavendish and Andy Schleck present, cycling memorabilia could be as popular as ever. Tour de France autographs carry a value that is respected all around the world.

With Americans as passionate as they are about Armstrong’s career, the 38-year-old might defy age and conditions once again to create yet another magnificent story. The trek through the winding streets and mountains of France creates a daunting test that only allows the best to compete. Lance Armstrong has never had too tough of a time showing everyone that he belongs under the title of greatness.

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