Lou Piniella Says End Of Season Is End Of The Line

By | July 20, 2010

Always newsworthy Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella came out Tuesday with the statement that he will retire at the end of the season, bringing to an end a wonderful career that includes 18 years in the major leagues as a player and another 22 as a manager.

I know Lou is a true “baseball guy”, but I have to ultimately wonder what took him so long to come to this decision. My impression of Lou Piniella is also a real “family guy”, someone who spends time in Tampa with his family and enjoys a boat, fishing and all Florida life has to offer. Lou Piniella is a “Florida guy”, born and raised in Tampa, Florida and it’s lifestyle.

After starting with the Royals in 1969, Piniella spent 1973-1984 with the New York Yankees. Part of the reason New York Yankees autographs are so sought after today is a credit to the type of Yankee Piniella was. That era continued to build the Yankee mystique and provide the excitement that makes Yankee fans lifelong “New York Yankees Fans”.

A Lou Piniella autographed baseball has always been one of the sought after Yankees autographed baseballs that Yankees fans have wanted in their collection. For him to finally retire from the game can only make them more valuable and sought after.

I hope he hangs around the game in some sort of capacity. Lou Piniella is just the kind of guy that makes interest in the game and desire for baseball memorabilia ever present.

Good for you Lou. Enjoy everything you’ve accomplished with a smile, family nearby, a beer on the table, and a fresh fish you caught that day cooked to your liking.

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