Must Be October

By | October 3, 2014


For most parts of the US, there is a tangible difference between September to October in terms of weather, activities and so on. However, baseball fans would argue it always heats up in October.  Only three days into Major League Baseball’s postseason and we have already seen some magic.

The majority of magic has come from the most unlikely source, the playoff starved, Kansas City Royals.  In an instant classic Tuesday night, the Royals outlasted the Athletics to clinch the American League’s final spot in the Divisional Series.  The game was back and forth early on, but took a interesting turn as the clock, or calender turned the page into October at midnight.  The Royals rallied back a very interesting way – stealing bases, 2-out hits and questionable pitching changes.

Is this Royals team a team of destiny?  Only time will tell.  Story lines are why us fans get drawn into watching sports, and this year, there is not better story than a city who has waited 29 years between playoff appearances.  The Royals play great defense, can steal bases at will and will trot out multiple relievers who can reach 100mph with a fastball. Exhilarating.  As we get settled into October, be sure to keep up with the MLB Playoffs, you never know what you could see.

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