NBA Season Ends With Lakers As Champs Again

By | June 22, 2010

The NBA season has come and gone and left fans with a familiar champion.

For the 17th time, the Los Angeles Lakers are NBA Champions after winning a thrilling series against their longtime rival the Boston Celtics. The series concluded in a Game 7 last Thursday night that captivated fans up until the final whistle.

This is a great time to commemorate this very memorable series by purchasing NBA Finals memorabilia. With all of the great players involved in this series, items like autographed basketballs would be a fantastic option.

When it mattered, Kobe Bryant came through and dominated like he has done so often. He further proved his position as one of the most demanded basketball autographs.

But one cannot forget the performances from other NBA Finals participants like Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett or Derek Fisher. It is names like these that made the past couple of weeks all the more memorable.

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