NFL Football 2010 Preview

By | July 2, 2010

It may seem too early to preview the 2010 NFL season, but in the United States, no football coverage ever is too intense.

As of right now, the teams expected to lead the way in the 2010 season are rather familiar. The teams that most expect to be winners are the same teams that are the hottest buys in football memorabilia.

The Saints, Colts, Vikings and Steelers seem to have everyone excited per usual.

However, the NFL is an unpredictable league and there is certainly no guarantee that this year will be kind to any of those teams. The Saints, last year’s darling of Super Bowl collectibles, could very easily be lost in the shuffle of the ever-shifting NFC South.

By season’s end, people may be lining up for autographed footballs from players that are not even household names as of this moment. That is how the NFL, a Mecca of parity, seems to work.

One thought on “NFL Football 2010 Preview

  1. Jay

    I agree Bryan. The Tops Turvy NFC South Division seems to change every year right along with whats hot as far as memorabilia goes. With that being said, I think I will invest a ton in Tampa Bay Buccaneers memorabilia…

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