NFL Playoffs: The Road To Super Bowl XLVIII

By | January 1, 2014
Tom Brady Vs. Peyton Manning Rivalry

Photo Courtesy: The Boston Globe

This past Sunday featured the traditional mad dash to sneak into the playoffs. Teams like Philadelphia, Green Bay and San Diego squeaked out wins and earned spots in the playoffs while the hard-luck Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears stood there while the door was slammed in their faces.

If fans thought that this past weekend of pro football was exciting, they need to buckle up and get ready for this year’s NFL playoffs.

It’s been an interesting season in the NFL. In years past, it has basically been the New England Patriots vs. the rest of the league. But this season has brought with it a lot of parity, which will make for a very interesting journey to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Let’s take a look at a few teams that we think have a particularly great shot at winning a Super Bowl ring this year.

The Denver Broncos are the top AFC team this season and with good reason. Everyone always talks about how a quarterback will either make or break your team. Well, Peyton Manning has proven that he still has plenty in the tank with his record-breaking year of passing.

Manning has no shortage of targets to throw to and the Broncos have a solid platoon to cover the ground attack, as well. The only thing suspect about this Broncos team is their defense. But really, Denver’s defense only has to be mediocre at best for the Broncos to have a great shot at reaching the championship game.

Of course, the New England Patriots are looming in the AFC side of the bracket too, and they are always dangerous. However, more so this year than in years past, the Patriots have looked very mortal. You can’t discount playoff experience though, and when it comes to that, no one beats the Patriots.

Also in the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs had an outstanding year this season. Not many people gave them credit for it, but they definitely showed they were the real deal. With a new quarterback (Alex Smith) and coach (Andy Reid) in place, it’s not impossible for the Chiefs to upend the Broncos or the Patriots.

The NFC side of the bracket is a little more wide open. The Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers earned first-round byes and are seeded No. 1 and No. 2 respectively. These are teams that had great seasons, but didn’t do it in gaudy fashion like the Broncos. Neither is overly dominant, which is why the NFC side of the bracket should be a lot of fun.

Both the Philadelphia Eagles and the New Orleans Saints have come on as of late. In fact, New Orleans might get the nod as the favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl this year with great play from Drew Brees.

However, the Green Bay Packers now have quarterback Aaron Rodgers back from a seven-week injury and the San Francisco 49ers are fighting to return to the biggest stage in football themselves. The 49ers have a great defense, and the old cliché is that defense wins championships. Will that prove true this time?

The action kicks off quickly on Saturday Jan. 4th. So grab your friends, some food and get ready to rock and roll. The story lines are far from over, so who’s your dream match-up in Super Bowl 48?

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