By | October 8, 2014

One week, two sweeps and two four-game series into the MLB Postseason and we ready to advance to the League Championship Series.  While the National League’s looks close to what we expected, the American offers some new characters to the reality show that is postseason baseball.  Fresh off of 3-game sweeps, the Baltimore Orioles will face the Kansas City Royals in a best-of-7 set with the winner representing the AL.  In the senior circuit, October mainstays, St. Louis & San Francisco will do battle.  The Cardinals clinched their 4th straight trip to the NLCS last night when they knocked out Clayton Kershaw for the second time in the series.  While many have grown accustomed to late-inning heroics coming out of the STL, the Giants are have been riding some late inning magic also.  The Giants show up to the NLCS with the sort of mojo Boston had last season.  Sure they do not have rugged beards, but they have a lot of winning players and arguably a deeper line-up, rotation and bullpen than the presumable favorites from the midwest.  Looking forward to a competitive 4-2 series win for San Fran.  Over on the AL – the unexpected.  Both teams come into the ALCS as preseason longshots to outlast the big names – Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Tigers.  It is hard to argue either team is coming in with an edge as they both used some magic to close their opening series.  Both fan bases are rabid and yearning for a pennant.  Pitching usually trumps all in postseason series, and the Royals boast a stronger rotation and bullpen than the O’s.  The Orioles hit the long balls, the Royals play small ball and rely on 2-out hitting and base running.  Which club will run out of steam in the ALCS? Predicting a 4-2 series win for the Royals.  A close, close series.  Play ball!

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