Phil Mickelson Readies For 2010 U.S. Open At Pebble Beach

By | June 11, 2010

Golf fans wanting a glimpse at Phil Mickelson in this weekend’s St. Jude Classic may be disappointed. However, a look ahead to next weekend should tell everybody that it is well worth the wait.

Thursday, June 17,2010 begins this year’s installment of the U.S. Open at perhaps its most glamorous stage, Pebble Beach. The event will be a showcase for the PGA, spiking interest in golf memorabilia in the process.

For Phil Mickelson, it will be another chance to capitalize on a major tournament after his emotional win at Augusta National in April. Mickelson might be the hottest name in the sport right now, which of course brings more notice to Phil Mickelson memorabilia.

Many say that he is close to claiming the “No. 1 In The World Title” from Tiger Woods who is still trying to make up for lost time. The No. 1 title would make a Phil Mickelson autograph all the more special.

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