Preserving Autographs, Memorabilia And Other Collectibles Correctly

By | September 29, 2016

Bubba Watson nabbed a victory at the Masters last year. What will he do for an encore? (PHOTO:

Bubba Watson nabbed a victory at the Masters last year. What will he do for an encore? (PHOTO:

Why Spend Money On Memorabilia, Collectibles, or Autographs And Not Protect It?

As is the case with collectibles of all sorts, the value of sports memorabilia greatly hinges upon the condition of each item. The closer an item is to mint condition, the more value it holds. Each sign of age or damage will levy a significant blow to the item’s value.

Protective cases are the only way to properly preserve heirlooms of this nature. Without properly protecting memorabilia, the items will be subjected to a number of dangerous elements and can deteriorate at an alarming rate.

Elements that are harmful to sports collectibles

Collectors must be aware of a number of elements that can severely damage sports collectibles like autographs, photos, balls, jerseys and so forth. Some of the most damaging elements are as follows:

  • Ultraviolet rays
  • Dust
  • Acid from paper or storage boxes
  • Greases from human hands

Unfortunately for collectors, these are elements they simply cannot escape. Ultraviolet rays from the sun and many lights are constantly beating down on collectibles, all while they collect dust if not properly protected. Excessively handling unprotected sports memorabilia is also a surefire way of damaging it.

Finding the right protective case

From ticket stubs to autographed jerseys, collectible items range greatly in size and shape in the world of sports memorabilia. Collectors will need to find the appropriate protective case for each item. Luckily, a sports display case for just about any item imaginable is available on today’s market.

Plastic or glass sleeves

Small, paper items are very common in most collections and also dangerously prone to ripping, fading or even getting lost. Plastic or acrylic sleeves provide the structural reinforcement to avoid rips while providing a shield from ultraviolet rays. This mode of protection is perfect for such items as:

  • Trading cards
  • Photos
  • Ticket stubs
  • Magazines
  • Old media guides

Plastic sleeves come in an array of sizes, and can also be mounted, which makes it easy for collectors to show off their valuables.

Acrylic cases

Many collectors possess large, hard-to-store items. Some of these often-autographed collectibles include:

  • Basketballs
  • Baseballs
  • Baseball bats
  • Footballs
  • Football helmets
  • Hockey pucks
  • Diecast NASCAR cars
  • Box gloves

Stowing these valuables in an ordinary cardboard box can spell disaster for the item’s value. With the sports memorabilia industry booming the way that it is, collectors can seek an acrylic case to house any of these specific items and more.

Acrylic display cases feature a layer of ultraviolet ray protection so that the item, or any signatures on it, will not be inclined to fade with time. Of course, the hard protective shell will shelter the item from dust or human hands, all while proudly displaying the memorabilia.

Jersey cases

Sports jerseys are not just for wearing. They are highly collectible, especially if they have been worn in a game or are adorned with autographs. Hanging these rare breeds of jerseys up in the closet is a big mistake. Flat, UV-protected cases are perfect for mounting a jersey and protecting it from the elements.

A lot of time, energy and money goes into collecting sports memorabilia. Without using protective cases to preserve the integrity of the collectibles, those efforts will be all for nothing.

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