Teams That Could Be No. 1 Seeds Come March

By | March 1, 2013

Victor Oladipo’s Indiana Hoosiers appear to be a lock for a No. 1 seed (PHOTO:

This year in college basketball, the top teams just don’t seem to want to stay there. Teams have filtered in and out of the No. 1 spot in the country and stunning upsets have become almost commonplace.

Good luck filling out those brackets this season.

In so many years past, there have been one or two teams that were clear favorites for a national title. Whether or not those projections came to fruition are another story.

With the NCAA national tournament still a few weeks away, teams are trying to put themselves on the easiest path possible by earning one of the four No. 1 seeds. With inconsistency among the top tier of teams, these coveted spots in the tournament are still very much up for grabs. Here are four teams that receive our nod for the honor.


If there is any lock for a No. 1 seed, it is the Indiana Hoosiers. Tom Crean’s gang has stuck at the very top of the rankings the longest this year. Indiana is also poised to win, at the very least, a piece of the Big Ten Conference title. This is no easy feat. The Big Ten has proven to be the most elite conference in college basketball. This was shown in the fact even the mighty Hoosiers stubbed their toe against teams like Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Indiana also flexes a strong all-around game. The Hoosiers have a solid inside game with future NBA lottery pick Cody Zeller, but can also connect on the outside shot with Jordan Hulls. Victor Oladipo has also emerged as a Player of the Year candidate for his freakish athleticism.


While the ‘Zags have put together an impressive season, they will never fully get respect from college basketball nation for playing in the Western Coast Conference. Outside of St. Marys and BYU, the conference simply does not offer much in the way of competition.

Still, the Bulldogs have dropped only a pair of games this season along with earning head-turning nonconerence victories against teams like West Virginia, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Kansas State. It is very likely that Gonzaga will finish out the rest of the season unscathed, letting them fall into a No. 1 seed simply by default.


Quite possibly the biggest surprise of the season this year, the Hurricanes have made a convincing case for a No. 1 seed. Miami leads all teams in the ACC, including Duke, which has leveraged its love affair with the national media to remain ranked ahead of the Hurricanes.

At one point, Miami looked untouchable, ripping off 14-straight victories, including a lopsided 90-63 victory over Duke. Consistency has been hard to come by this year, and the Hurricanes are clearly on the cusp of a historic year. The No. 1 seed just might carry them there.


The Gators were savaging the SEC this year until they recorded all three of their conference losses in the last 25 days. But what team hasn’t lost their way at one point this season?

Florida looks strong despite the losses and is performing just as well as the other upper echelon teams in the country. They should most likely continue their strong reign over the SEC to close the season and represent their conference as a No. 1 seed in the tournament.

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