Tour de France To Be Exciting In 2010

By | June 12, 2010

The Tour de France begins in less than one month, and as always, it is littered with the biggest names in all of cycling.

Most noticeable to Americans is Lance Armstrong, who will be leading Team RadioShack in this year’s race after a third place finish in 2009. While he may not be what he once was, Lance Armstrong memorabilia is always a popular choice for cycling enthusiasts and sports fans in general.

Also in high demand amongst consumers will be a Mark Cavendish autograph or an Andy Schleck autograph. Both 25, Cavendish and Schleck are among the young elite in cycling who are most responsible for its future. With drug allegations threatening to demean the sport, it will be these two who can lead the way by setting a proper yet dominant example.

Andy Schleck, the runner-up in last year’s Tour de France, could especially use this year’s event as a career catapult. However, this is a large and unpredictable race, so no one knows exactly what Tour de France autographs will be of the most value after a victor is crowned on July 25.

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