Upper Deck Authenticated 5-Step Authentication Process

By | November 6, 2012

If you’re any sort of autograph collector, whether it’s a sports figure’s signature, a celebrity type person, or a public figure of any kind, you know your first order of business is to insure that the signature is 100% authentic and indeed signed by the person that is claimed to have autographed the item.

There are all kinds of methods to give yourself piece of mind when purchasing a piece of memorabilia. Just a few of those methods are:

  • Tamperproof numbered holgrams, searchable in a documented database.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Photographs of the person actually signing your item.
  • Video recorded account of the person actually signing your item.

A company that goes the extra mile is Upper Deck Authenticated. In offering some of the highest profile athlete’s autographs for sale, Upper Deck Authenticated places their reputation on the line every time they sell an item. LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods are just a few of the huge names in UDA’s stable of contract athletes. They use a 5-step process to authenticate every single signature in their inventory. Those 5 steps to insure authenticity are:

  • Signing is witnessed by a UDA representative.
  • Signing is documented via written event form signed by UDA and athlete.
  • UDA numbered hologram is applied to the item.
  • Certificate of Authenticity with matching numbered hologram is assigned to the item.
  • Registration card is provided with the item for purchaser to register the item with UDA.

Have a look at this super video that details the entire process.

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