USA Continues World Cup Run Against Ghana

By | June 26, 2010

Landon Donovan scores!

Those are the words that resonated throughout the entire United States of America late Wednesday morning. The country has become captivated by World Cup soccer, a craze that will escalate the sales of World Cup soccer memorabilia to an unprecedented level.

One can only imagine the requests for soccer autographs from America’s newest sporting heroes that will come as a result of this. Certainly among the best ways to remember this team on the brink of history are autographed soccer balls.

The most appealing thing about this entire story is that no one is generally content with the U.S. soccer squad simply making it to the round of 16. A somewhat favorable bracket shows that a semi-finals run is not at all out of the question for the Yanks and star Landon Donovan.

That sound you hear is every long-time soccer fan in America saying “I told you so.” Bring on Ghana! Is it Saturday yet?

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