USA Soccer Team Excited About World Cup

By | June 8, 2010

As soccer has slowly garnered more and more interest in the United States, the immediate response has become “when can we win?”

After all, this is the United States, a country not familiar or content with losing. However, when it comes to soccer, that is what the reality has almost always been. Soccer memorabilia has rarely been in high demand here, but this summer could change it all.

The U.S. men’s national soccer team may lack star power in the eyes of the world. In March, ESPN ranked the top 50 players in this summer’s World Cup. The U.S. only had one player on the list, Landon Donovan, who came in at No. 50.

For the moment, U.S. players aren’t among the most desired World Cup autographs in South Africa.

Just one year removed from nearly winning the finals of the Confederations Cup, this U.S. team could be the victim of a lack of proper respect. A big tournament run wouldn’t be as surprising as one might think, a fact that could escalate the market for USA national team autographs.

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