World Cup Soccer Gets Started With Memorabilia In Demand

By | June 18, 2010

The opening weekend of the 2010 World Cup is in the books, and it brought a mixture of the expected and the surprising. ESPN’s coverage of the tournament has been seamless so far and should make World Cup memorabilia even more popular.

The common talk around the United States is of course the 1-1 draw that the U.S. team reached with England in what can only be described as a sufficient opener for the Yanks.

Autographed World Cup soccer photos could be a great way to commemorate this U.S. soccer team before it gets into the heart of a possibly historic run.

On the more predictable side of the weekend, Argentina defeated Nigeria by a score of 1-0. While Argentina’s lone goal came from Gabriel Heinze, Lionel Messi remains the talk of the team. Considered by most as the best player in this year’s World Cup, a Lionel Messi autograph would make something of a prized possession.

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